7 responses to “Off The Wall Wednesday – Lil Dee

  1. As for lega c you still dissin/ i know yo momma is who i be kissin/jay skillz i know we squashed it/but lega c didn’t do shit/ lega can’t rap for nothin/look at him he just frontin/my life is fucked up/lega c go watch two girls and one cup/if you mess with me you be out like the cavs/or you can be out like the mavs/ lega c you said on twitter you want beef/you broke i cant give you receat/my fucking life is on repeat/hate doin this shit but got to do it/lega c said oh lets do it/i about to take a rest/and be fly and be the best/

  2. That song fireflies is wack/i punch you from the back/lega c nobody cares about your music/when they hear mind they got to use it/lega c you want beef here it is/eat dick or a chiz/what the fuck is fireflies?/you mean firelies/ he ran already leaked on youtube/your career is over so you screwed/

  3. Dj Jay Skillz what up man/im doin the best that i can/lega c said he want beef nigga where you at?/sucking dizzycane’s dick/you be that fake dude officer rick/boy beef with me i tear yo ass apart/then i will put your heart in a bogart/so diss me on a song/imma beat you then imma tell you where you belong/damn what the is fireflies/and yo crew are firelies/oh im sorry did i make you mad/oh you should be glad/killed ya whole crew thats bad/ lega c you wanted beef here it is.diss me on a song i swear your career is done. Jay skillz i had to do it. I mean lega c challenged me so hear i am.lega c you pathtic man. Quick diss line lega c your just flop/you the sorryest rapper in hip hop/

  4. Lega c what the fuck is fireflies/you do you firelies/you suck in rapping so why/even try/i killed you in the game bye bye/dude wanted beef with me now he scary/lega can never get a girl like halle berry/eatin you while im eatin cherry/fuck you and jay skillz/im tired so yall dont got the skillz/skillz i know we squashed it but i took it back/but when you and lega dissed me we were going back to back/well im getin on track/next you know dropping a diss track/lyriqs i dissed you for no reason/you see i was the best in season/lega c i am the best/best of the best/better than the rest/is this a diss take a guess?/

  5. Lyriqs we cool and lyrkill we cool/just look at lega c he just a fool/why jay skillz scared to eat/lega c and him are going to smell defeat/lega c quiet because he just got beat/he in the studio jacking off with his meat/he got knocked in the bed then fell in his sheet/ he ran he ran/ from the sand then from the trash can/lega c i know you scared to beef with me/ you no competion so dont compete with me/man you know what i said/because in the rapp game you dead/ hahahaha toallty dead boy im back feelin good you know.lyriqs i was wrong for dissing you .just did for fun but im sorry.we cool now?jay skillz your dumb.as for lega c you wanted beef now you got it. Proably your at home saying im scared.which you are obviously.so mention my name on a song next see me responding with my own and then imma look for you then beat yo ass.

  6. A you see lega c dont want beef to damn scary/i almost thought he was fairy/ hahahhahaha lega c you scared of me bitch.boy you dont want it. By the way that track came out. I destroyed you too.

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