Top 10 NOLA Underground Releases

1.) The Nobodys Monologues – Lyriqs Da Lyraciss

Favorite Track: HER

2.) A Time To Kill – Lyrikill

Favorite Track: Talk Of The Town

3.) Elevated Elements – Q aka Quest

Favorite Track: In The Mood

4.) Drop Tha Heat – Heata Best

Favorite Track: Song About Her, Pt 2

5.) The Spokesman – Lil Dee Gods Gift

Favorite Track: City Lights

6.) Potent Poetry: The Prelude – Wonder Rhymer

Favorite Track: Traveling Man

6.) Mr. N.E.R.D – J Dubble

Favorite Track: 1234

7.) Weed N Froot Loops – Codac

Favorite Track: Codac Moment

8.) U Boy Official – Da U Boys

Favorite Track: No Subliminals

9.) The Loneliest Band In Town – Ian A. Louis

Favorite Track: Hotel

10.) Crashed Harddrive – A. Levy

Favorite Track: N.O.L.A.

27 responses to “Top 10 NOLA Underground Releases

  1. who or what is a jay skillz?? i dont c any of new orleans premier artists on here.
    The underground list is gay besides -Da U boys and Lil dee
    Where is Dee 1,The Show,Konfo ,Sup Crew or G -Eazy At??
    This blog is trash n looks biased keep up the shitty work

  2. Who or what is a Marcus Johnson? This was a list made of MY personal choices. I don’t mess with Konfo and i’m not a G-Eazy fan. I haven’t heard anything from The Show and I don’t know who the Sup Crew is. So kindly eat a bag of dicks and keep it moving.

  3. Ok. Ive heard plenty of tracks from “The Show” hes pretty cool cant front, and i think Konfo does talk alot ,but i think hes top 5 in the city,because of his crazy grind and showmanship. Sup Crew showed me alot at the Dragons Den ,they packed the joint and gave a good performance.G Eazyyy just google him dude is on the rise from LA to N.O,btw great performer to.& Why is Lyriqs always involved in something negative?,he hops on stage like a rabbit.A few of these guys on this list i have never heard of,but this is your site,so of course u would put people on it thats your friends so i understand.Blogsite rating 6/10

  4. This blog site sucks!!
    Shoutout 2 the U Boys holding it down for uptown. How are you from New Orleans and you dont include Dee-1, The Show, Lil Dee or Konfo.

  5. Lyriqs is wack… 1st off he pee’d on himself in fourth grade and he cried until his people came!!! Plus he’s trying to grow dreds another lil wayne dick rider

  6. Lyrikill & Quest made this list smh… Who the fuck made this blog site??? I thought Lyrikill was that 9 year old girl freestyling on World Star. LMAO Quest, should ggo on a Quest time find a rhyme book lol!!

  7. Lil Dee and Dee-1 are my favorite in New Orleans but sum guy named Konfo had his single on 102.9, I love to see New Orleans Artist making moves. Congrats to all

  8. hahahah…yall niggas are funny…FUCK KONFO….DEE-1…THE SHOW…ALL THEM NIGGAS…U WANNA HEAR THEY MUSIC GO ON THEIR SITES!!!!! shouts to jay skillz…its UR blog…U put what U want…these niggas today…any hater CAN SUCK A RAZOR!!!!

  9. and with that…I point and laugh at you “Artist”…you been floating around here stalking niggas for months. nobody reads your blog, nobody has ever heard of you, and I’m sure you’re probably a fluffer for gay porn…so sir…you should treat yourself to some testicles. USELESS BITCH!!

  10. how do yall diss three of the top artist in New Orleans?? Thats a damn shame, they have more exsposure than all of yall!!! Have some respect

  11. I saw lyriqs perform at the house of blues,nobody was clapping and one chick was like he walks like quasimodo, hes about to sign a deal with an unknown company to wear he can say he signed a deal but b in the same position he was before.dumb rapper.How is ur name lyriqs and ur lyrics arent tight.
    Nobody gets more exposure in New Orleans like Dee 1,Konfo, Lil Dee, and The Show so how could u say fuck them.Sorry if ur mad maybe if ur name was more creative.Your name is Lyriqs..half of the rap game has “lyrics” so why would u name urself that.ur lame as fuck..You call urself the mick foley of the rap game,its only fitting cuz u fake ass a wrestler.8bitanimal do u look at urself in the mirror cuz if u did u wouldnt comment on anything.Do u do music,make beats, shut the fuck up. Jay skillz blog site sucks balls!

  12. Lyriqs & Quest are both homosexuals. Like they really are & i’ll exspose the text messages to prove it… Just ask Ashley!! Yall know who im talkin about

  13. There’s this yung artist name bundy..his mixtape is banging he has 14 cuts on that cd ..if your looking for something awesomelydifferent..check it out..the tripp thing about this ..its a free download check him out… 14 is a banger..WWW.IAMBUNDY.COM…FREEDOWNLOAD!!

  14. well dam “artist” it seems from ur last comment about me ur a little close in the city…if you r who i think u r u should just say this shyt to my face bruh…no need to hide behind a fake name…id love to talk to u in person…lets discuss me being a dumb rapper and shyt…all that stuff…i gotta show at the hiho lounge on jan 28th…come holla at me

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