Commercial Break – A. Levy

NOLA Underground Award winning rapper A. Levy finally delivers his long-awaited debut album Commercial Break.

The 13 track LP features production from 504 Dubb, Mike Swift, KIDD, KRS-B and S-80 among others.

It has features from Lyrikill, K. Gates, Lyriqs, Superugly, T. Kartel and more.

You can listen to the album in its entirety for free over at A. Levy World and you support it financially for the low low price of 10 bucks.

19 responses to “Commercial Break – A. Levy

  1. Im feelin the A levy Cd besides the tracks produced by (504 Dubb) his beats are really simple with no feeling in them.and hes been shitting on new orleans artists in his tweets talking bout there broke cuz they dont wana buy his beats..there wack i c why.A levy do ur thing minus the dubb renditions lol

  2. Dubb you are like a brother from another mother but some of those beats are wack, so calm down on the twitter ranting. We are like brothers with this music

  3. A. Levy, Y did u do a track with Dubb he’s not that good or half way decent. But y in the hell would u disgrace ur record with a track from Lyriqs

  4. yo….who the fuck used my name and went on talking this bullshyt….?

    Seriosly “Artist” whoever u are u should make some music my nigga…where can we hear ur music at?

  5. HAHAHAHA! Damn man, i got hate coming from my own camp I see… lol. Oh hold up, i just got off the phone with Lyriqs and Slangston and they sure didn’t type this here. lol. the extremes the whack “Artist” are going to try and hate on the “Greatness” of the one named Dubb lmao. I rant about “Artist” thats broke, so I guess that kinda struck a nerve with a certain “Artist”. If you really feel im whack and my beats are simple then come check me out at 1401 S. Rendon at The Hut Studios and show me how to make the “Artist” type beat. LOL! …… Oh almost forgot, where can i find “Artist” music at? I really wanna peep your work out….. If you have any…..


  6. @8-Bit Animal yeah man i am making my life useless doing this shit. Im just tired of doing this like i said to end this Lyriqs just make a show i will be there to Battle Rap thats all.

  7. all yall suck, cry baby ass niggas. Talk shit on the internet but wont speak or touch a soul in public. Lyriqs is the new elton john, tight asss pants

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