DJ Jay Skillz presents Love & Microphones

I’m posting this wayyyy later then I wanted to but it’s still up on the 28th. Today…..well this date has a special twisted meaning to me. I’ve been talking about this tape for the past 5 months. I was gonna write some grand entry explaining everything but I did that on the intro and I feel like it served its purpose. I don’t really know what to say that I didn’t say in the intro or that isn’t too much.

I think it’s my best project to date overall. It took me about a good 2 months to trim this list from about 800 songs to the 56 that made it on here. They all serve their purpose. All I can say is pay attention to the songs, what they’re saying and the order they’re in. It’s a story the whole way through. That’s enough of all these extra keystrokes. I present Love & Microphones for your listening pleasure and remember any feedback is good feedback to me. Below is the cover, tracklist and link. Enjoy.

DJ Jay Skillz presents Love & Microphones

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